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  1. post charges, payments, and adjustments to patients' accounts
  2. prepare and review all claims generated ensuring the required data on the claim is accurate
  3. review insurance payments /eobs to ensure that they are properly processed and verify payment of each
  4. correct errors and refile claims returned as unprocessable
  5. research and prepare appeals for underpaid and denied claims
  6. re-bill all insurance claims not paid within 30-45 days
  7. inform providers of the changes made regarding insurance requirements which effect the billing and claims processing
  8. advise providers of the changes in coding and insurance billing so that the provider may make the proper changes to his/her in-house documents (ex. patient registration, etc.)

1.) Insurance Claims Processing
(Paper and/or Electronic)

2.) Patient Statement Billing $4.00/ea

3.) Correction and Re-submission of Claim $3.00/ea

4.) Insurance Follow-up $18.00/hr

5.) Monthly Management Reports $8.00/ea

6.) New Patient File Creation $1.25/ea

7.) Patient Ledgers $1.25/ea

8.) Intial Set-up Fee $425.00

The initial setup fee includes procedure set-up in the office and in Billing Service facilities: Codes, pricing, insurance carriers, and active patient file with current balance of patient account.

TERMS: Initial Set-up Fee due upon acceptance of agreement.

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